Hugo Workflow

I recently ported my pretty defunct blog over to Hugo, after some considerable searching about the best option for my needs. I wanted to be able to work with R Markdown files, but not have to mess too much with the internals. I had messed around with Blogdown a couple years ago, and thought it may be a good starting place. The issue is that I don’t want to have to work in RStudio for all of my website work. [Read More]

Adventures in Data Cleaning

I’m updating my first R-related blog post, from back in 2016. In it, I used reshape2 to do some data cleaning on a messy dataset. In this update, I’m going to use tools from the tidyverse instead. I’m keeping most of the text the same, but changing the code chunks. [Read More]

Rescaling Variables with R

In doing some RA work, I’ve needed to rescale or normalize different variables. Working with survey data, it can be very difficult to compare ordinal results across questions. Say for instance that we want to get the correlation of perceived economic status and perceived social status. The Latinobarómetro survey asks the first question with a scale from 0 to 10. The second item, though, is reported on a five-point scale. If we want to easily interpret correlation, it helps to have these on the same scale. [Read More]

ioslides with R Markdown

Over the weekend, I decided to write up some slides for my stats section on Monday. Having really gotten into the groove of using R Markdown, and having gotten a little rusty on using LaTeX with knitr, I decided to play around with HTML5 slides instead of going the beamer route. In the spirit of results first, the finished presentation is shown below. Click inside the frame, then use your left and right arrows to navigate. [Read More]