Learning and Working in Public

Having a new baby, settling into a new apartment in a new city, and hunting for a new job while taking care of said baby full-time have made my life just a little hectic this summer. Which is to say that I have not been as productive in my side-projects and learning agenda as I would like. So this post is step 1 in my push to be more deliberate about advancing my knowledge and portfolio.

I’m making an earnest effort to learn about algorithms and data structures, and to get a couple of interesting side projects under my belt. In order to hold myself accountable, provide some structure, and to have at least the possibility of getting feedback and sparking discussion, I’m going to be using my website to report on my progress.

I’m creating a Learning page where I will list some concrete topics that I want to learn about, with links back to posts about those topics to show my work. I’m also creating a Projects page to discuss the side projects that I’m working on and index the posts where I will talk about my process and progress.

To start off with some early wins and build up momentum, I’m going to be writing up a few posts about algorithms that I have already learned about, but haven’t really written about before. I prefer working through algorithms in languages like C and Go, which have less magic than, say, Python or Javascript.


These are just a couple of the posts/pages that I found particularly inspiring.

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